Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bruce Liption - the Environment of the Cell

I Will never forget a piece of wisdom I received in 1967.... My professor, mentor and consummate scientist, Irv Konigsberg was one of the first cell biologists to master the art of cloning stem cells. He told me that
when the cultured cells you are studying are ailing, you look first to the cell' s environment,
not to the cell itself for the cause.
.... I eventually realized that this advice was a key insight into understanding the nature of life.... When I provided a healthy environment for my cells they thrived; when the environ-
ment was less than optimal, the cells faltered . When I adjusted the environment, these "sick" cells revitalized.
Bruce Lipton “the Biology of Belief” pp49-50

Further, our beliefs shape the environment around us..We can make a better world for ourselves and all of those around us.

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