Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emotrance Self Healing

Silvia Hartmann of DragonRising has brought forth so many wonderful healing techniques!
Here is a small sampling of EmoTrance self-healing
This technique can be used on others as well.
the entire article and ways to use this with others
(1 - 44) can be found at this link: emotrance.com

45. You can do EmoTrance for yourself.
It is easy to learn.
EmoTrance is natural.
Children can learn to do EmoTrance.

46. Notice when you feel emotions in your body.
Where do you feel your fear, your anger, your sadness?
Show yourself with your hands.
Pay attention every day to the emotions in your body.

47. Use your healing hands of energy.
Put your healing hands of energy on your body where it hurts.
Ask, "Where does this need to go?"
Say, "Soften and flow!"
Pay attention to where the energy wants to go.
Let it flow all the way through and out of your body.
The more you do EmoTrance, the easier it becomes.

48. Let more energy come into your energy body.
Take a moment each day to draw the energy of the sun in, through and out.
Let the energy of many things flow into you.
Flowers, animals, stones, water, the earth, the sky, trees all have wonderful life energy.
People, music, works of art, angels are different forms of energy that feel good too.

49. Let energy burdens flow away.
Ask, "Is my energy body carrying any burdens? Where do I feel this in my body?"
Say, "These burdens are only an energy! Where do they need to go? Soften and Flow!"

50. Energy must always flow.
Sometimes people try to hold on to energy in their energy body.
This is very unhealthy.
Ask, "Am I holding on to old energy? Where do I feel this in my body?"
Say, "This is only an energy. Energy must flow. Where does it need to go? Soften and Flow!"
When the energy flows again, you will feel much better.

51. EmoTrance is very useful.
You can use it anywhere because no-one can see it.
You can use EmoTrance to flow away fear, anger and sadness as soon as it comes to you.
You can use it to heal the past.
You can use EmoTrance to have a better life today.
You can use EmoTrance to fill yourself with beautiful energy any time you want.
Even for a beginner, EmoTrance makes a big difference.
With practise, EmoTrance gets better, and better!


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