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Famous Spiritual Healers Who have Passed to the Other Side


Harry Edwards

There is probably no healing authority who treated a higher number of people than Harry Edwards. Initially a printer with political ambitions, he visited a spiritualist meeting and came across a medium who said he was an excellent instrument for spiritual healing. Subsequently, he made his first attempts as a spiritual healer, which were so successful and attracted such a host of visitors that he fully dedicated his life to healing. Thousands of healing stories are reported, and even in hopeless cases, healing or improvements were due to his help, although he did not even meet the majority of his patients personally. An incredible number of letters asking for remote help were sent to him from all over the world. In more than 40 years, as a spiritual healer, up to two thousand help-seekers per month visited him at his secluded sanctuary in Shere, South England. He also became famous by his public healing demonstrations, which, like the one at Royal Albert Hall in London, were attended by up to five thousand visitors. His declared task was to propagate and popularize the knowledge about spiritual healing. For instance, he also recommended the cooperation between classical medicine and spiritual healing, with the effect that there is successful cooperation of the two disciplines in England today. He set spiritual healing into a spiritualist context, talked about spirit doctors who are a prerequisite for making success possible and considered healing as a medial act.

Billy Parish

– a changed sceptic Parish, originally a supporter of the opinion that a spiritual healer or spiritual healing was an occupation for intellectually restricted women and men who are unable to think, changed into a successful spiritual healer who treated more than 500000 help-seeking patients either by contact or by absent healing. He too was told about his abilities as a healer by a medium, when his wife was suffering from cancer. After he had been able to help his wife, which was confirmed clearly by physicians, he dedicated his whole life to practice as a spiritual healer.

Frederick Joseph Jones

– a man of deep devotion Jones was the first English spiritual healer with a large clientele. He took up to healing after having visited a spiritual training group, where he heard a voice asking him to agree to being a healing medium. Subsequently, he started first attempts in a group of six patients in Wimbledon. When he had seen he was successful, he dedicated his full life to healing. One day, a physician sent him 12 patients asking for diagnosis, an ability granted to him by spiritual assistance, 10 of his diagnoses were correct. The physician was disconcerted and, when he examined the two faulty diagnoses, he found out that it was him who made the fault. During his best times as a spiritual healer, Jones treated up to 28 000 patients a year, most of them by contact. In 1933, he died at the age of 48 after eleven years of successful healing. Contemporaries say he died so young because he was so devoted and humble that he worked without consideration of his own constitution. Unlike Edwards and Parish, Jones was a spiritual healer and trance medium and spent several hours a day in trance during healing.

Francis Schlatter

– shrouded in mystery One evening in 1895, when Alderman E.L. Fox, one of the town fathers of Denver, Colorado, opened the local evening newspaper, he saw a headline saying "Miraculous healings by the remarkable French-American spiritual healer Francis Schlatter". He was thrilled and decided to visit spiritual healer Schlatter and to ask him for help for his starting deafness and a painful chronic renal disease. The next day he traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and found the spiritual healer in a small house in the old town. He was so besieged by visitors that there seemed to be a lack of air for breathing. "From the very first moment when I saw the healer I felt that I would be healed and my hopes were confirmed. I stayed there for a week and saw how powerful a spiritual healer this man was", Fox said later. He invited Schlatter to come to Denver and sent him a ticket for the train. Schlatter arrived in Denver in the night of August 23. He started his healing sessions and treated between 700 and 2000 persons a day. His method mainly was to take the help-seeking people’s hands into his and to hold them for a short while. When he did that, the patients felt a slight electric shock and a tickle, followed by heat in one hand and cold in the other one. He gave healings for all sorts of illnesses. The news about his successes as a spiritual healer were spread all over the country, the newspapers published lots of articles and help-seekers came in crowds from everywhere in the US. Schlatter held non-stop healing sessions during six hours every day.
This went on till the evening of November 13. He went to bed that night as usual after having read in the bible for a little while. At six o’clock next morning, the time when he used to rise, his room was completely quiet. Fox opened the door of Schlatter’s room. His bed was empty and on his cushion he found a letter with the following text: “Mr Fox, my mission is finished and Father takes me away. Good bye, Francis Schlatter, Nov. 13.“ Schlatter was never seen again.

Bruno Gröning

- subject of high esteem, and pursuit. Bruno Gröning, a spiritual healer born in 1906 in Danzig, who emigrated to West Germany as an expellee from former East German territories after World War 2, worked as a carpenter, factory worker and docker, telegram messenger and low-voltage electrician before he came into the focus of public interest. The climax of his spiritual healer activity was in the fifties. In 1949, the name of Bruno Gröning became famous overnight. Press, radio and newsreel reported about his healings. Never before, a spiritual healer had attracted so much attention in the German-speaking area. He became target of pilgrimage for thousands of people seeking healing. In all classes of population, there were violent discussions and a lot of dispute about the case of Bruno Gröning. Emotional waves rose very high. Clerical people, physicians, journalists, the legal and political world as well as psychologists, everybody was talking about the spiritual healer Bruno Gröning: some considered his miraculous healings a gift of mercy from a superior power, others said he was a charlatan. But his healings were fact and confirmed by medical examinations.
A film was made, scientific commissions were charged with investigations and the authorities examined the case. As already mentioned, there is particular resistance against spiritual healing methods in Germany and so there were legal proceedings and prohibitions for healing. Bruno Gröning died in Paris in January 1959, where he lived in exile.

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