Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ghost Points - Acupuncture

Thirteen Ghost Points (from Sun Si Miao)

Point Number
Point Name
GV 26 Ghost Palace
GV 23 Ghost Hall
GV 16 Ghost Pillow
CV 24 Ghost Market
LU 11 Ghost Faith
LI 11 Ghost Leg
PC 7 Ghost Heart
PC 8 Ghost Cave
ST 6 Ghost Bed
SP 1 Ghost Fortress
UB 62 Ghost Path
Guifeng (Extra Point)
on the underside of
the tongue, one cun from
the tip of the midline
Ghost Seal
Essentially CV 1
originally described as
Yumentou (Extra Point - Women)
/Yinxiafeng (Extra Point - Men)
Ghost Store
The Ghost Point treatment was originally used to treat Posession (demonic or ghostly).

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