Saturday, March 12, 2011

Health, Electromagnetics of the Cell from the Book of Theanna

The regular, healthy cells are filled with a divine fire that organizes, harmonizes, and regulates their activity...each healthy cell is blazing with its own radiance of being in tune with itself. As it is in tune with itself, it naturally and inevitably contributes its own energy and light to the other cells and the whole organism. In fact, the healthy cell is already one with the whole organism, and knows it in its fiery breath...
A cancer cell is not in synchronization with the divine fire. Instead, it generates an electromagnetic substitute for that fire. and it becomes galvanized by that potent field to sharpen it, have more of it, spread it around...the electromagnetic charged field . . . tends to consume whatever is around it, and to turn the world around into more of itself.
When you have cancer, this electromagnetizing of your body at a micro-level simultaneously drains and excites you. The Bright essence of who you really are a spirit flame seems to drain right away. But your astral body, your deep soul, becomes excited and stimulated by the electromagnetic charge, and you are pulled toward it, ever farther away from your remaining fire, and every closer to the very force that is killing you.. . .
I knew before dying that any approach to cancer that wishes to really help the patient and the whole culture that the patient represents must find a way to draw the fire of inner spirit back in, and to moderate the seductive magnetism of what the cancer tumors use to pull one away from oneself...
pp38-39 "The Book of Theanna"

(Macrocosm, Microcosm - Consciousness as a series of programs...the "cancer" "program" coming through the false worlds of television, computer games and such? )

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