Friday, May 4, 2012

Embryonic Development and Digestion's Importance

From: biology questions and answers
Gastrulation is the process through which a portion of the blastula wall undergoes invagination inside the blastocele, forming a tube called archenteron (primitive intestine). The cells of the inner side of the tube form the endoderm (germ layer) and the cells of the outer side form the ectoderm (another germ layer). It is the beginning of the tissue differentiation in embryonic development.

The first stage of cell differntiation of the embryo is the formation of the primative intestine.
From this point, all other germ layers of the body are created!
The implications of this are so far reaching as to boggle the mind.

That  the digestive system is relegated to such a minor importance compared to the nervous sytem, brain and heart....


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