Monday, March 10, 2014

Breaking cubes to fit Round Holes

A change from my nomal posts - this is coming from many experiences of my own.

Men are becoming Gods
No matter how it is looked at, genetic engineering is creating creatures to fit what man wants,
often with no regard to the creature, or it's function and niche in life."

Everything, in my experience, has consciousness. Even the tiny microbes that fill our intestines.
In the "beginning", if you will, they all functioned perfectly and harmoniously with the rest.

Now our Franken-bugs, crops, and various other "creations", from soap enzymes to oil slick cleanup fill almost every human habitated world, and the air, waters and outher movements of nature carry them afar.

This little post is to say from my experience,
Like cutting the edges off a cube to fit it into a round hole...

It has square edges, 6 distinct faces,  can build upon itself, and stay in place virtually on any surrface.
To fit into the hole,  it might retain two edges, might roll along it's side, and be unable to fit and build with the other cubes.

Much like air breathed into bronchial tubes of the lungs, were it breathed instead into the blood vessels directly, it would destroy the vessels, and possible kill instantly. Both tubes but different types, shapes and functions
Heart Cells operate differntly that stomach cells, liver cells.

The Franken-creatures all had their cube-ness, their innate functions, form and purpose.
From ecoli and plant fungi, now fused and mutated, spewed out into our air, mixed with our foods, and spliced into innumerable mutations..From viruses carrying messages thorugh the body, nuetered bugs, and Neon fish, all of these creatures once had a function that fit perfectly into the greater ecosystem....
Now man has taken it upon himself to play "Creator"
Just look around at the confusion and mess of our world.

That is my post


  1. I liked your concept about consciousness in every human organ. That can be an answer of why we become sick. If we love our health then we should not be doing anything to harm it. God has given us this body and it is our responsibility to control our cravings for false food and eat only nutritious things.

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