Saturday, August 2, 2014

Compassionate Dragon Glands and more

Adrenal Glands; The Adrenals are the glands that sit on top of the Kidneys and mainly associated with handling stress. Specifically they regulate sugar and salt in the body by means of two hormones; Cortisone and Fludrocortisone. Problems with the Adrenals represent succumbing to the stress in your Life. Stress comes from resistance and has nothing to do with how hard you work or how many problems you have. Adrenal problems mean that the path you are on is not for you. Of course, since you are fighting it every inch. Burn out comes from pursuing a goal that is not for you. If Life is a struggle you are probably not where you would like to be. The steps to Adrenal Insufficiency (Addison's Disease) are; 1) Irritability, anxiety, panic attacks. 2) Anorexia, Bulimia, weight loss, 3) Seizures & 4) death. In Chinese Medicine the Adrenal Glands are associated with the function of the Kidney organ system.
Ears; are designed to hear everything. There are no secrets. Everybody knows everything all the time. Deafness, Tinnitus, infections are all attempts to filter out things you do not want to hear. What is it you do not want to hear?

Gallbladder; Gallbladder problems represent a fear of inappropriate expression. In Chinese Medicine, the Gallbladder is the seat of Courage.

Heart; The Heart houses the Mind. Traditionally it is the symbol for Love or Truth. Speaking from the Heart reveals your true essence. The emotion of the Heart is Joy. A Heart by-pass asks whose Love or Truth are you by passing?

Kidneys; At the physical level, Kidneys filter out the 'anti' in our Life. It is better to be for something than to be against something. Kidneys house the emotion of Fear. In Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys are considered to be at the root of all the other organ systems. This is reflected in the idea that Fear is at the root of all the other emotions we consider negative or life limiting.

Lungs; The emotion of the Lungs is Grief. There is also general agreement on this association. Breathing problems like Asthma indicate retained Grief. Frequent sighing or breathlessness can often be a sign of suppressed Anger.

Lymph Glands; Lymph Glands are one method the body has for eliminating toxins. If you have problems here, check you priorities. Are you retaining toxic thoughts or beliefs for no apparent reason?

Pituitary Gland; The Pituitary Gland is known as the Master Gland of the Endocrine System. Its secretions regulate all the other Endocrine Glands. This gland represents one's ability to coordinate the different aspects of one's Life. Problems represent difficulty doing this. The Pituitary Gland is linked to the Hypothalamus, also located in the brain, whose function is to maintain Homeostasis in the body. That is the body's tendency to return automatically to its level of highest functioning. Metaphysically, this means aligning the frequencies of the physical and energetic bodies to homeostatically return to one's highest spiritual functioning.

Pineal Gland; The Pineal Gland is sensitive to light, both the outer and inner light. The Pineal represents one's ability to tell the difference between the Light and the Dark; Truth from Illusion.

Pancreas; The Pancreas is both an Exocrine Gland, in that it secretes digestive juices through a duct into the stomach and an Endocrine Gland via the Islets of Langerhans located on its surface that secrete sugar regulating hormones directly into the bloodstream. The Pancreas is most often associated with Diabetes Mellitus, the body's inability to process sugar, which is the result of an Autoimmune destruction of the Islets of Langerhans. Diabetes may be said to represent a denial of the sweetness of Life. It may also represent a misplaced faith in one's own ability to control the physical world. Given that the Pancreas has a dual function, reflecting the essential duality of the physical Universe, it has both the ability to digest ideas and to extract that which is not only sweet, but Life sustaining. A type I diabetic does not live long without Insulin injections.

Skin; The Skin is your outer covering, that holds things in and helps define your physical presence. The Skin is the first line of defense against invading organisms. Skin problems represent difficulties with boundaries... keeping things in and keeping things out. A lack of balance between the inner you and the outer you results in things coming out such as rashes, boils, and pustules and things coming in such as colds, flu and infections. In Chinese Medicine, Wei Qi which resides on the surface of the body is responsible for protecting against such things. Skin eruptions indicate long standing resentments not being expressed appropriately. Rashes represent the Heat of Anger. Itching represents dissatisfaction with the way things are going and/or dissatisfaction with yourself. Invading organisms such as the Flu, colds, or parasites represent a lack of ability to protect yourself or put another way, a lack of descrimination about who and what you let into your life.

Spleen; The physical organ represents a belief in Hereditary. In Chinese Medicine the Spleen system is responsible for nourishing the body at the Qi or energetic level. Modern medicine theorizes that the Spleen has no useful function and routinely removes it without apparent harm to the patient. This comes from a Mechanistic attitude that theorizes it is our DNA that determines who we are rather than our Spirit. Hence the belief that if one's DNA were better one would be a better person. Metaphysically, the Spleen has the function of 'transforming' physical nutrients into Metaphysical ones and nourishing at both levels. Recent evidence suggests that the Spleen organ is important to the immune system, although it is not clear how that might be.

Thyroid; The Thyroid represents the communication between the Head and the Heart. Thyroid problems most often represent a lack of or miscommunication between what one thinks and one's Truth. Problems may also represent a lack of ability to speak up for one's self.

Thymus Gland; The Thymus gland is located below the Sternum and is connected to the Immune System. The Thymus gland is the most active gland in the body before Puberty, but virtually ceases functioning in adulthood shrinking to a fraction of the size. Like the Spleen, Modern Medicine sees no useful purpose for this gland and at one time routinely removed it. The Thymus represents, according to one of my teachers, 'the courage to stand in the love of what you believe in rather than in defense of it. That the Thymus is active in childhood and protects the body, much as a parent would protect a child until that child is able to take on that responsibility him/herself, suggests that the function of the Thymus after puberty becomes less a physical one and more a metaphysical one. Self protection is an act of Self-Love as much as it is a function of T-Lymphocyte cells.

Cervix; Problems with the Cervix represents punishing the Self at a deep level.

As mentioned above, this is only a partial list. In Metaphysics there is always the danger of getting bogged down in the details and missing the Wholistic picture. Metaphysical diagnosis takes into account a great many signs and symptoms, existing in the four energetic levels which are then interpreted according to Life details that only you can provide.
This is more an exercise for you, the client, than it is for me the practitioner. All I can do is help you to identify the areas of your Life that you might want to look at and suggest various therapies. If you have any questions or comments, or if you don't see your symptoms in this list, e-mail or call me and I will answer as soon as possible.


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