Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Website about Self Healing

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I began noticing my unique gifts and talents because I hadn’t yet honored them within myself. I noticed my good heart and loving nature. I quieted my critical inner voice and nurtured my complimentary voice.
When I began feeling special about myself, I naturally noticed that the people in my life were also very special. Eventually, I delighted in the special nature of every person I met. (Now you know why I love to do readings. I get to see and speak to the powerfully special and unique gifts in everyone.)
As my ego was honored and given permission to rest, my own healing sounds penetrated to the very core of me and eventually the MS symptoms were simply gone.

If you’re tried a lot of things to heal and you’re not seeing the progress you want, then there is a reason that you are stuck. We get stuck in our healing process because our fears and doubts are stronger than our intentions.
Because these fears and doubts are as uncomfortable as the root behind our illnesses, we suppress them. The fears take charge and we are stuck. Sometimes our own intelligence gets in our way, because we have learned that the way to be successful is to figure things out.
However, I have discovered that at the root of illnesses there are buried emotions, beliefs and unmet needs. And it can be a tangled knot to figure out for yourself what needs attention.
But you can lovingly and gently untangle the knot so that you can experience real and lasting healing…
…if you are willing to slow down, release the sense of panic, soothe the emotions, discover your unmet needs and meet them in new ways, and open to your gifts with loving compassion.

You can literally heal yourself right into a state of greater awakening and happiness using these 7 Steps:

7 Steps to Healing Anything

step-circle-bullet-1Observe your stories. We often live in a tangled in web of unmet needs, beliefs, karma, and emotions that are often the underlying cause of our illness or at least making it difficult to heal. By learning how to observe ourselves and release the tension of our inner-world knot, we are able untangle the web so that we can heal.
step-circle-bullet-2 Be in nature. Nature has healing properties, such as negative ions that aid the healing process. Even becoming more connected to the circadian, or natural rhythms of the days and seasons can help us heal. Did you know there is even a disease called Circadian Rhythm Disease that occurs when we are disconnected? Did you know the symptoms of this disease look like a lot of diseases? Learning how to connect with nature, not just notice it, can actually help you heal.
step-circle-bullet-3Unleash your creativity. Did you know that cutting yourself off from your creativity can contribute to making you ill and that reconnecting to it can help you become well? Many creative people are also deeply empathic. If you have cut off your empathy and creativity in an attempt to protect yourself from the overwhelming emotions of others, you might actually have energy backed up in your body making you ill. If you are not expressing your creativity, and being with your empathy in a safe way, you might unintentionally be contributing to your illness.
step-circle-bullet-4 Open to miracles. Many of us have been taught to pray in ways that leave miracles to chance. But the potential for creating miracles already lives inside us. Miracles require something more than faith. In order for miracles to happen you need to become the space in which miracles occur, and that requires learning new paradigms for living.
step-circle-bullet-5 Tell the truth. Many of us attempt to use our intentions to heal, but don’t realize that we won’t heal if our subconscious mind thinks we are lying. We sabotage ourselves when, for example, we use an affirmation we don’t believe fully such as, “I feel completely well and healthy,” when we really feel terrible. Of course affirmations can work, but first you have to get to the truth that exists behind the symptoms of not feeling well. This is what most of us attempt to avoid and it is a reason that many of us remain ill. We become well when we develop the ability to be completely present to the truth—all of it.
step-circle-bullet-6 Love the wound. Out of a sense of self-protection, most of us avoid the emotional wound behind the physical pain we are experiencing. We are afraid we will have to relive something or that we won’t be able to take it if we discovered the root cause behind our illness. However, if we meet the emotional wound with compassion, the emotional root dissolves. You can meet the wound safely and you free yourself from its hold using some very simple approaches.
step-circle-bullet-7 Feel the freedom. This is the tricky one and it is the reason every other step comes first. In order to heal you have to feel the freedom of being well in your body. That can sound impossible when you are in pain. But by using the other steps you can create moments of wellness. As you recreate the feeling of wellness, the cells of your body understand what you want from them and they begin working hard for you—taking you right into the feeling of wellness you ultimately want. 


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