Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Healing Your Past – Essential Tools - Arian A. Sarris, LMFT

From Healing Your Past – Essential Tools
Arian A. Sarris, LMFT

Three Essential Tools for Doing Healing work: Using the Present Time Wand / Cleaning Your Space / Retrieving Your Energy

Using The Present Time Wand

This technique requires nothing more than your imagination. You may or may not notice any body reaction as you do the technique, but there will be shifts in your energy. If you feel any kind of jolt, that’s your bodies adjusting and realigning to the newly accessible energies. I consider this exercise simply one of the most effective tools in your spiritual and psychic tool kit. I use it ALL THE TIME. Using the present time wand daily and before every healing session helps you process much more easily.

Ask your Higher Self to give you a present time wand. It may be any shape and form you can imagine. Pick it up and hold it. Imagine your fingers curved around it. This is your present time wand. (If you want to really hold a wand, you can buy or make one.)
Tap your aura seven times to clean it thoroughly. Move your hand slowly outward with each tap, until your arm is at the edge of your aura (about 18 inches).
Tap the top of your head, your forehead, your throat, your heart, your stomach, your navel, three inches below your navel, your pubis (these are your chakras).
Tap your feet and hands (which have their own chakras and help with the movement of energy through your body).
You have now brought all of you into present time.
Anything that is not in present time will drop off because it cannot remain at the present time vibration. Let that energy fall to the earth to be recycled.

Cleaning Your Space

Your aura is a flexible force field (AKA "personal space") about eighteen inches around your body. It defines your space: I belong here, and everybody else belongs out there. It does not isolate you from other people, since you can choose to let special friends inside–for visits. But this space belongs to only you. You have to define it–which means setting up boundaries between yourself and the world. That is not only a protection for you, but also a reassurance that you have a presence.
Focus your attention on your aura–your invisible energy shield. Ask that it contract to eighteen inches around you and cover you from feet to head.
Move your hands over the aura, as if you are smoothing it over your head to underneath your feet. Be aware of what it’s like being in your very own space.
Now it’s time to clean any alien energies from your space. Imagine holding a large golden comb with 18-inch teeth. It is wider than your body, so you can hold both ends with your hands. Use it to comb out your aura, like you’re combing your hair, but do it from head to toe. Physically run your hands up and down your body in a combing motion, holding the energy comb in your hand. Do the front, then the back, and then the sides.
Let the combed-out energies fall onto the earth, where they can be absorbed. You may feel some strange sensations in your body as you do this exercise, or soon afterward. After all, just having your own energy in your space is quite unusual.
Imagine a ray of sunlight pouring through your head and into your body, filling you up to the edges of your aura. This gold energy defines the limits of your space and raises your vibration so that no one with a lower vibration can invade you easily (see Chapter 5), or push you out of your space–at least for the moment–without your permission.

Retrieving Your Energy – Energy Whistle

Since alien energy gets stuck in your aura from both recent and long- past interactions, it’s only reasonable to assume that some of your energy has been left in other places, as well–and indeed it has, in every place you have lived, in your childhood, with family members, at your jobs, with friend and enemies–and all of it is locked in the past. This next technique reclaims your essence–maybe small amounts at first, but more and more as you do the exercise.
Close your eyes and imagine you holding an energy whistle, like an ultra-high-pitched dog whistle. Blow it to call your own energy home (and no one else’s).
Above your head is a bowl filled with golden liquid. This is energy soap. After a few moments, the pieces of your energy will start flowing back into this bowl, to be cleansed of anyone else’s cooties. They may appear or feel like snowflakes, blobs, a river of energy or light, or any other form you might imagine.
Give yourself about five minutes to allow your energy to come back. Then dump the bowl over your head so the energy pours into you. As your body and aura start absorbing your returning essence, you may even begin to feel like you have more shape and presence.
Every time you do this, you might suddenly recall memories or people from years ago. That’s where your energy was trapped.


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